Adreom provides management solutions for ServiceNow with a focus on optimizing the ServiceNow platform to achieve the business outcomes that are most important to your organization’s goals. Combined with Adreom’s advanced approach to cloud applications, ourServiceNow solutions provide clients with the agility they need to move their business to the cloud and achieve substantial business results. Our deep industry knowledge and experience gives us the expertise to help organizations leverage the platform effectively to respond to changing business needs and coordinate services across the enterprise for greater speed, agility and efficiency.

We help clients provide differentiated service experiences based on the expectations and requirements of individual customer. Adreom gives executives the power to achieve true customer-centricity and reinvent customer service to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction at the transactional and relationship levels.
  • Get the right answer to the right customer through the right channel at the right time.
  • Develop cost-efficient service delivery that balances value to the customer with enterprise value.
  • Enable a differentiated service proposition across the entire value chain and customer lifecycle.

Our capabilities are determined by what you want to achieve. We will design our approach to let our customers determine which of our capabilities suits their needs. Our approach has four parts. First, we help you define what your goals are. Next, we implement a solution with you.Then, we provide managed services so you can focus on what your business needs instead of what your IT infrastructure needs. And last, we can operate systems for you in your data center, your cloud or ours, or any combination.